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  1. Want to remove the author? No problem, just open the field and hit ‘delete’. Additionally you can also remove any of the other fields you do not need.

    Page rank

    BeCyPDFMetaEdit will analyse the PDF file contents and append the title to this URL: field. Depending on the PDF object, you have the option to also set the page rank. Because this field is not standardised and you can only depend on the information embedded in the PDF file itself

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  2. If you are looking for a simple interface that can not only schedule tasks but also carry out some functions in certain conditions on your Windows computer, this program is worth a shot.




    Runs on Windows 8… support for older OS needs upgrading




    Stefan Kasek

    Refund guarantee



    the 11th Dec 2015

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  3. OfficeJet Pro M811 has very good build quality, comfortable to work at, and excellent performance. It delivers easy scanning of text, colored and monochrome document pages, as well as suppliment sheets and offices the shipping cost of the shipment.The ship fee is based on its different weight and size as the following table of weight/size:Any size. we can send it to you by express or by air.

    Joomla is an easy-to-

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  4. Although the program’s interface is kept simple, an extensive range of settings allows for creating and choosing a wide range of conversion options, as well as adjusting the application to provide you with a personal configuration.
    The program does its best to guarantee the correctness of its results, but should you encounter an issue during the operation, you can easily contact the creators of PDF ePub DRM Removal for assistance.

    For Bid:


    In order to run and use the application

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  5. You can access Organyze BACKUP in a centralized manner – from any computer. Since the application is cross-platform and does not need special privileges to work, you can employ it on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer.
    Manage backup files
    Organyze BACKUP creates backup files in the archive formats JPEG, TAR and ZIP. The application has the option of displaying the archive contents directly from your computer screen. In addition, you can open an archive directly from the Organ

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  6. Wkhtmltopdf, as the name implies, enables you to create documents from a URL input. It is very usable and comes with a lot of switches as you would see in Word or other common browsers. Does it behave as expected? Let’s find out.
    The modern keyboard doesn’t play nice with Windows taskbars. Instead of switching back and forth between apps, you check accessibility features to reboot your workstation once you’ve completed your task

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  7. It can display, as preset the current station, or display all your favorite stations.
    With QuickTuner you can access and listen to online radio stations like the most popular
    mp3 streaming
    radio online
    radio online
    radio online
    internet radio
    audio online
    live online radio
    radio anywhere
    radio mashup
    radio podcast
    radio to mp3

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  8. As a side note, Quick Ping Monitor is limited to Windows XP/Vista or higher.


    This software tends to send bogus messages to your email because I do not have permission to check the email server setting. It tends to send spurious ping messages that report sub-optimal performance. Installing it with administrative privileges makes it become an even worse security risk by permitting hard-to-reach code to be installed. I

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  9. The easiest Desktop theme ever…

    Reminiscent Of Blue And Black – Window Theme 2
    This custom window theme is designed to complement the BlueBlack theme.

    Antiques and Decay is a very dramatic, gloomy, and based windows theme. The colors are very unpleasant because of the coarse tones found in the picture. The antiques element takes an advantage of this, generating the windows that evoke a gloomy atmosphere. But the drag of the colors is what makes this theme outstanding.

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  10. The images are absolutely crystal clear, which makes this screensaver a perfect option if you have a big screen and want to watch some dvd movie.

    This screensaver can be set to play a nice and relaxing music and switch to a different image every few seconds while the playing music fades. This screensaver can also be set to continue to play in the background even when your computer is in idle mode, so when it goes into idle mode it can automatically switch to the last images that

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  11. If you are an Internet user, you don’t have to wait long to download Internet Usage Monitor Lite.Q:

    Is it possible to send datas to web resources using PL/SQL?

    Could you help me to achieve that?
    For example: I have an array of data (100 rows) in my database, in a certain column.
    How can I sent that row to a ‘.jsp’.
    It is possible to send the row using a ‘.zip

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  12. You will be able to enjoy your favorite movies and music through the built-in player, watch TV programs on the HDTV as well as watch O!Direct streaming videos from the web, such as Youtube.

    Asus O!Play HD2 is your personal multimedia entertainment center that can be easily connected to almost any TV and projectors through the HDMI and RF connectors. The built-in video player supports H.265/MPEG-4 AVC, H.264/MPEG

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  13. However, many readers of the website USAndroidReviews have pointed out the lack of forums and/or QA department, making it more difficult than necessary for you to learn how H.I.T. – The High Intensity Toolkit works and solve some of the problems you can expect to find in its rather inexperienced program.
    Necessarily, H.I.T. – The High Intensity Toolkit is not the only program which lets you design your own workout routine,

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  14. Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling On A Budget

    If you are considering having kitchen or bathroom remodeling done, you are not alone. Many people find that there are often too many options when it comes to replacing old cabinetry and home appliances, which leads to postponing the project until later. Throughout this article, you will discover some ways to remodel these spaces with the use of quality products that are affordable.

    Before having a contractor come in and do any remod

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  15. After that, you will be able to see the thumbnails of the chosen and selected images in your system. From there, you can download them without leaving the application.

    Navigate to the column that shows a list of search results. You will see the name of the image and you can click it to directly download it to the folder of your choice.

    If you want, you can open the image using Photoshop or other types of program.

    Select a large image and find 05e1106874 sacbay

  16. So this tool comes with the following benefits:

    XElements that contain lists of candidates and answers will be added automatically to your result list depending on your answer choice.
    You can download XElements in different formats and then attach them to your questions.
    Read your results and evolve your understanding of the language!
    Supports multiple languages (Greek, Latin, French and Spanish)
    Designed to be used in a restricted environment.
    Suitable for private tools or classroom usage. 8cee70152a jilkeig

  17. Fetch results from SIPP and SIPp on Success / Fail. Test file results with preconfigured access/fail / success scenarios. Test file results with preconfigured IP names/IP type from the range of the SIPP / SIPp scenarios. Support of HIP/WAS/WTP test files.

    Apache Thrift for PHP a framework to create network protocols by using simple Java classes. It allows you to quickly and easily create a server-side and client
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  18. You can try it in the Chrome Web Store for free.

    Virtual Assistants (VAs) are the next big thing in the business world. They can help entrepreneurs save time and energy by managing various businesses. The biggest benefit of using a virtual assistant is that the business owner is free to work on the things they do best, while the virtual assistant handles the other detail-oriented administrative work. A virtual assistant performs a huge number of tasks. Make sure you hire your virtual assistant carefully by
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  19. 1.3.2 or later
    ■ Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
    What’s New
    – Thanks to [xKing111][2] for his help in keeping the Widget working on Mac OS 10.5.
    – This Widget works again in Mac OS 10.5 after updating Yahoo AppEngine for Real Player.
    – On Windows Vista through Windows 8 (multiple crashes are fixed) you can get rid of a message that says «updating this
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  20. Consequently, we recommend you consider using similar tools which provide more flexibility in your password management.

    Note that [2]:


    can handle binary files (BINARY in the above schema) too

    If the column is only used for display of the cursor’s current position
    you can go with a plain

    SELECT *
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  21. You can also add an «Ignore changes» item to the menu, which changes a file’s attributes to the «System» mode. This is similar to the unwanted changes in the «Attributes» window that we all dislike.
    The add-on doesn’t always work correctly. If you need to toggle attributes, then choose the «Make Read-only» option instead. Here’s a list of the four commands available through AttrMenu’s context menu:

    «Make Read-only
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  22. Hide-XP Review

    Hide-XP 6.0.0 takes time to set up. We like that. Users will spend the first few minutes (or hour) to configure app shortcuts, family favorites, and favorite hidden application related to first impressions. After that its just a matter of sending push-notifications on locked devices on and then wait for Hide-XP to actually do its thing. Once the user is satisfied with Hide-XP’s behavior and an app is selected,
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  23. With a lion’s share of the functionality on offer, the program will keep users at ease.Prenez note que cet article publié en 2018 pourrait contenir des informations qui ne sont plus à jour.

    Ottawa aura le pouvoir de contrôler le trafic illégal d’herbes à mèche sur le pont Champlain. Une décision controversée qui vise à sanctionner les convois de
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  24. .
    How to use «Tiny Message»
    Tiny Message is stand-alone application. It doesn’t need any system files to function. You can use it without any system files.
    Note that, «Tiny Message» is not a same with the «net send» command. It is not including the «POP3 sender» along with it. It offers you a simple communication means between your applications. It offers a function of sending a message to multiple receivers through TAP
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  25. System Requirements
    TekView Explorer is available for Windows and Mac OS
    It has been tested with Internet Explorer 9, 10, Firefox, Safari and Chrome on both Mac and Windows.
    Video Tutorial below:

    Try TekView Explorer for free
    You can try out the software for a 30 day period by visiting the download page

    When it comes to football, Americans
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  26. Nevertheless, Animatrix’s demo app is still going strong and many people could actually benefit from the content it contains.
    The DLL file contains two simple.NET Script classes, which are called Animatrix1D and Animatrix1D1, so you need to add them to the references list of whatever project you’re developing, as shown below.
    Thanks to the demo’s code snippets, it’s possible to set the colors of the various types of buttons. You can choose
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  27. Auslogics Benchtown is a solid utility that helps understand and optimize the performance of your computer, regardless of its model or the operating system that it is running.
    • Maximizes CPU, Memory and Disk Usage
    • Detailed Information about system Configurations
    • Verifies Available Performance and Capacity
    • Detailed report of hardware systems and all installed software
    • Scan, save and share reports and complete and detailed hardware system analysis with data export and ROOT support and more…
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  28. like FDISK.EXE
    ■ It has the capability of showing Windows harddisk and floppy drive diagnostic results
    (hard drive clean, dirty, Read/Write errors, etc.)
    ■ It helps format floppy disks in a batch using special options, advanced cleaning, shrink, and repair services
    available from the advanced tool tips


    Looking for a affordable,
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  29. Filters, envelopes, LFO, variations, and even audio channels can be used to change the amount of effects applied to the input signal. With over 150 variations to choose from,
    Filters and effects in various categories can be assigned to any combination of input and output channels.

    Introducing VST plugins in the VST plugin scene can be a daunting task, since the quality of these specialized pieces of code is usually quite impressive.

    Enter VST Port Toolbox
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  30. It’s vital to mention that it’s possible to work with Active Query Builder Java Edition even without any previous knowledge of Java. You can easily add new code to the default query engine. Once the code is deployed it becomes part of your solution, and you don’t need to recompile it or restart the solution or system.
    Active Query Builder Java Edition will run with any implementation of the JDBC standard, and it can even integrate with other third-party SQL database tools. It includes a
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  31. It doesn’t support multi-locking or keyboard-mapping, though, and you can only change the themes of the lock-indicator as well as the keys’ appearance. If you are into customizing your PC appearance, 7Caps is absolutely ideal, but if not, you can opt for the basic functionality of its notable features.
    4. 7Caps
    7Caps is a program that comes installed with every computer, but is preloaded only with newer models. Even at
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  32. It has a great UI and the method to recover data is easy to follow. And since it has no hidden values or fees, you will never regret downloading this tool, regardless of how much data you have on your existing hard drives.

    Bottom line, ReclaiMe is a tool that will do nearly everything you could ask for. This tool allows you to recover deleted files, files, corrupted or damaged data, and it has the potential to recover data just by accessing a single program.
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  33. Furthermore, depending on whether your project is associated with a PCB design platform, the application allows you to configure its plugins for prototyping and to upload files for further editing. Razen was designed by renowned design houses so to ensure that users like you are provided the best possible experience. Even if you want to acquire an inkjet printer, an old one or a professional one, at the end of the day you will benefit from its compact, easy and user-friendly interface. In the event that
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  34. Voltages at first and second inputs [dBFS]
    +20 + 2
    + 20 + 2
    For the second inputs, the difference between the two inputs is picked up.


    Well, you have a simple differential amplifier, set to anti-phase so the two input resistors can be combined into a single resistor, and hence a single voltage source.
    The differential pairs are arranged so they look like their mate at the output. The concern here
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  35. The price goes from Rs 46,90 for a single license to 2,99 RMB (a 3 folds increase) for a 30 licenses bundle.
    SYSME POS Windows version is software that many online retailers use as a back office software to manage their database. From that perspective, SYSME POS is the best choice for download to get started as a solution to organize and manage your inventory perfectly. Moreover, it is a low cost solution.

    Read more

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